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Langit Experience


Beautiful Destination. Immersive Travel.

Enveloped by pristine Bornean rainforest, lies a quaint valley hidden from the outside world; the last Shangri-la of Sarawak. At 3,000ft above sea level, Long Semadoh Valley is truly a raw gem nestled quietly deep in the highlands of Lawas, Sarawak. It’s breathtaking views, pristine air and beautiful streams produce some of the best crops the land can offer - Heirloom Rice. The Lun Bawang community, guards their tradition and heritage through traditional farming practices of their heirloom paddy; passing it down from one generation to the next.

Langit Experience brings you through an immersive journey with rice, to cultivate a deeper appreciation for the origin of food, land and the people who produce it. Walk in the boots of the local farmers and learn about life in a rural and traditional farming community through the seasons of paddy planting and harvest. 

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