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Langit Rice Trio Gift Set

RM 40.00

Product Description

Savor the richness of Malaysian heritage with the Langit Rice Trio Gift Set. Encased in elegance, this set highlights our popular heirloom rice varieties: white, red, and black - each a 200g testament to the distinctive flavors born from Malaysia's lush landscapes.

The Ideal Gift
Symbolizes Malaysians' warmth and culture with a present that transcends the ordinary. This compact gift set encapsulates thoughtfulness and the spirit of Malaysia’s storied lands. Making it ideal for international visitors, esteemed clients, or valued partners. 

The Grain’s Tale
More than mere sustenance, every grain from the Langit Trio narrates a tale of resilience, tradition, and sustainability. Cultivated by Langit's rural farmers. Share not just a meal but a storied slice of Malaysia's agricultural legacy with your recipients.

Elevate Gift-Giving
Distinguish your corporate gifting with the Langit Rice Trio Gift Set - an epitome of sophistication and shared culinary journeys. Invite recipients to relish the authentic flavors of Malaysia.

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