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FAQ / 常见问题

1. What are the differences between Langit's rice varieties?


2. Is Beras Sia (Red Rice) the same as brown rice?

No. Brown rice refers to unpolished white rice. While Beras Sia, red rice or sometimes known as Ruby Rice, may be mistaken as brown because of its colour, it is actually semi-polished and the reddish-brown colour comes from the remaining naturally occurring red bran.

3. Are Langit coloured rice unpolished rice?

No. Our white rice is polished while our coloured rice are semi-polished rice.

4. Where can I buy your products?

Our products are currently available in Penang, Klang Valley, and Seremban. You may find the closest retail outlet to you here: Retail

5. Is your white rice Bario rice?

Beras Adan refers to one of the many varieties of rice that is being widely and traditionally planted in the highlands of Borneo, in an area that traverses the borders of Sarawak and Sabah, Malaysia and Kalimantan, Indonesia. While Bario grows the Adan amongst other rice varieties, “Bario Rice” really just refers to rice that were grown in Bario of the Kelabit Highlands. Just like how you would call “Sekinchan Rice”, “Kedah Rice”, etc., the name is making reference to the locality of production rather than connoting the specific rice variety. 

All the rice varieties that Langit carries now are NOT grown in Bario and it is only befitting that we pay homage to rightful farmers from the indigenous Lun Bawang of the Maligan Highlands. We do so by referring to their exceptional produce by the original names that the Lun Bawangs have known and used for generations. 

While some parties have leveraged on the fame of “Bario”, by indiscriminately branding the produce from our region as Bario rice, our communities and Langit strongly object to this unethical practice. We understand the brand power that “Bario” commands but it is highly unfair to our farmers, the work that they’ve put in and especially for their exceptional quality produce to be branded as anything else other than their rightful names. On top of the rice variety, Langit also clearly denotes the origin of all our products as we know specifically which farmer and from what village the produce comes from.

6. How is Langit’s rice different from other rice that's available in the market?

Langit’s rice collection is grown using traditional farming practices in a largely untouched highland environment. The quality grains are the collective product of the clean montane air, unpolluted soil, lush sylvan environment, and crystal clear mountain streams. Produce grown in such a pristine environment is vastly unlike any of those grown conventional in other parts of Malaysia. Our farmers grow their heirloom rice and grains annually, with just a single harvest, thereby allowing their paddy fields to have sufficient fallow time to regenerate. They also make use of water buffaloes during the fallow period by allowing them to graze and wade in the fields, as these gentle beasts of the highlands cleans up the remaining paddy stalks, trample and turn the soils, and most importantly inoculate the fields with their microbe-rich manure. We only source for chemically-free grown rice.

7. Are your products organic?

Our products are grown organically using mostly traditional wisdom of farm management.

8. Can I purchase your rice without plastic packaging?

Not at the moment. The 2 main reasons why we opted for PE & Nylon plastic (in our rice and grains products):

i. Food safety - the plastic that we chose is due to it being food grade and safe to be in contact with food, while it is more costly, but it is the consumer’s safety that we prioritize before anything else.

ii. Challenging Packaging & Transportation - we are still a small setup working out of villages, so we can't afford and wouldn't want to use any chemical fumigators. Given the remoteness of our villages and our challenging logistics (it can take up to 2 months to move rice from our kampungs to our warehouse in West Malaysia), we have had experience of big batches of our rice being infested with weevils. While weevils naturally occur in paddies and rice, and even weevil infested rice is safe for consumption, urban consumers may not find it palatable.

p/s: If you have encountered a better solution for plastic, we would love to learn more. Do reach out to us at hello@langit.com.my

9. Is Langit rice suitable for kids consumption?

Langit rice is easy to eat and suitable for toddlers/ kids who’ve started solid food. 

10. What’s the GI index for your rice?

Moderate GI (between 55-69)

11. What are the shipping rates like?

West Malaysia (Major Towns & Cities)
1- 5 kg             : RM6.00
Subsequent kg : + RM1.80 per kg

East Malaysia (Major Towns & Cities)
1 kg                  : RM 15.00
>1kg                 : + RM14.50 per kg

12. Do you ship internationally?
Langit's products are now available for purchase via our Shopee Singapore and Shopee Philippines store.

**For international orders outside Malaysia, please get in touch with us at hello@langit.com.my. Deliveries will be made via Pos Malaysia EMS

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