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Mu Artisan - First Draw Soy Sauce 290g

RM 18.00

Product Description

Taste the amazing umami of First Draw Soy Sauce!

This Malaysian artisan handmade soy sauce is brought to you by  Mu Artisan , a third generation family brewer. They marry local heritage and natural flavours to create exciting modern tastes. Whether you're cooking Malaysian delicacies or trying something new, this soy sauce will be elevating your dishes for sure. 

The soy sauce:

  • 100% first extraction of soy sauce.

  • Harvested from the brewing urs after brewing for 9 months under the Malaysian sun.

  • Rich aroma, thick umami with a sweet after taste.

  • Best for drizzling on cooked dishes, using as a dip or simply eat as it is.

  • No chemical additives, Non - GMO, Traceable

  • For storage, avoid direct sunlight and heat. Best to refrigerate after opening.

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