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Gula Apong / Sarawak Natural Sweetener

RM 20.00

Product Description

Sweeten your recipes without the guilt!

Gula Apong Natural Sweetener by Tanoti Foods  is a healthier alternative to your regular sugar. It's made from the sap of the Nipah Palms that grow abundantly along the coastlines of Sarawak. Enjoy hints of salted caramel in every bite, while benefiting from its low glycemic index and nutritional benefits. Try it in your cooking!
Available in 200g or 1kg packs.

How it's made?

Gula Apong is traditionally harvested by hand. The process of harvesting and producing gula apong is a time-consuming practice that requires searching swampy marshlands for suitable nipah palms and nurturing them, and when they flower, extracting and collecting its clear sweet sap. The sap is stirred over a long fire until it transforms into a thick golden syrup or paste. It takes approximately 10 litres of sap to produce 1 kilogram of solid Gula Apong.

Benefits of Gula Apong:

  • GI of 35-40 (lower than white sugar or honey), making it a suitable sweetener for people adhering to a low GI diet.
  • Because it is unrefined, Gula Apong also retains beneficial vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin B, Potassium, Calcium, Zinc, Iron, Copper and Magnesium.
  • FREE of additives, preservatives, artificial colours and flavours.
  • Non-GMO. Tanoti Foods Gula Apong is harvested from wild-growing nipah palms.
Tanoti Foods aims to preserve this traditional Sarawakian slow food as well as to introduce this little-known sinless sweet to the culinary world. We also hope to improve the livelihoods of the local community of gula apong makers/collectors by providing a sustainable income.