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Kulim Oil by Oylhaus

RM 30.00

Product Description

Introducing Kulim Oil, a culinary gem derived from the Kulim fruit, native to Malaysia.
Revel in its unique blend of garlic, truffle, and Shiitake mushroom notes - a taste purely derived from the Kulim fruit. Enhance your dishes by drizzling it over fresh salads, trickling it into pasta, or even adding a splash to your stir-fry.

Experience pure flavour, the way nature intended.
Available in 80ml and 220ml sizes.

Ingredients: Wild harvested kulim fruit (plant-based) and Corn Oil (halal-certified). That's it! No nasty stuff.

What is Kulim Fruit?

Kulim fruit, also recognized as Bawang Hutan or Jungle Garlic, Sagan Berauh, or scientifically, Scorodocarpus borneensis Becc, is a rare fruit indigenous to Malaysia. Known for its towering height of up to 40 meters and substantial diameter of 80 centimeters. These fruit-bearing Kulim trees are exclusively found deep within the jungle. Embraced by local ethnic groups, it si a common ingredient in Malaysian traditional cuisine.

How it's made?

Oylhaus kulim fruit is sourced locally from a community distributor from May to August. The fruit is then processed and infused with corn oil to extract its distinct flavour. It's then strained and bottled for you!

The Oylhaus Team

Oylhaus is a small, passionate team of three individuals (Ben, Desmond, and Hon) dedicated to bringing the finest, most flavorful kulim-infused oils to the culinary world. They find pride in contributing to the growing movement towards using natural, high-quality ingredients in cooking.