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Pineapple Jam with Chia Seeds

RM 28.80

Product Description

Introducing Langit's Pineapple Jam with Chia Seeds – a delightful creation born from our commitment to reducing food waste and delivering the finest flavors to your table.

Ingredients: Pineapples, Sugar, Chia Seeds, Lime, Salt.
Nett Weight: +/- 220g

🍍 100% Real Fruit, No Additives, No Preservatives

Experience the tropical allure of Langit's latest jam, a culinary masterpiece developed in collaboration with Malaysian restaurateur, Jenifer Kuah. Our Pineapple Jam with Chia Seeds is more than just a jam; it's a fusion of flavors that will tease your taste buds.

We start with handpicked, high-quality pineapples that might have otherwise gone to waste due to reasons like excessive volume or less-than-perfect appearance. Then, our culinary experts work their magic to transform these surplus fruits into a tantalizing blend of sweetness and tanginess.

Why Choose Langit's Pineapple Jam with Chia Seeds?

Sustainability: By choosing Langit, you're supporting our mission to reduce food waste and promote sustainability in the food ecosystem.

100% Natural: We believe in the power of real, wholesome ingredients. No additives, no preservatives – just pure pineapple goodness with a touch of chia seeds, lime, and a hint of salt.

Unique Flavor Profile: Our expert chefs have carefully crafted this jam to bring out the best of tropical flavors. It's not just jam; it's a taste experience.

Made in Malaysia: Langit Collective is proud to call Malaysia home. This jam embodies the rich flavors and diversity of our land.

How to Enjoy:

Langit's Pineapple Jam with Chia Seeds is incredibly versatile 😋. Spread it on toast, swirl it into yogurt, or use it as a topping for your favorite desserts. Get creative with your culinary adventures – the possibilities are endless.

Join us in making a difference with every spoonful of Langit's Pineapple Jam with Chia Seeds.

Order your jar today and experience the Langit difference.