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Summer Berries Jam 110g

RM 19.00

Product Description

Indulge in the vibrant and luscious taste of Langit's Summer Berries Jam, a delightful addition to our lineup of flavours that are sure to tantalize your taste buds.

Ingredients: Strawberries, Blueberries, Raspberries, Apples, Sugar, Lemon Juice
Nett Weight: +/- 110g

🍓 100% Real Fruit, No Additives, No Preservatives

Our Summer Berries Jam is a celebration of the sun-kissed flavours of the season. Expertly crafted in collaboration with Malaysian restaurateur, Jenifer Kuah. 

We start with handpicked, high-quality berries that might have otherwise gone to waste due to reasons like excessive volume or less-than-perfect appearance. Then, our culinary experts work their magic to transform these surplus fruits into a tantalizing blend of sweetness and tanginess.

Why Choose Langit's Summer Berries Jam?

Sustainability: By choosing Langit, you're supporting our mission to reduce food waste and promote sustainability in the food ecosystem.

100% Natural: We believe in the power of real, wholesome ingredients. No additives, no preservatives – just pure berries with some culinary magic.

Flavour Explosion: Dive into the world of rich, sweet, and tangy berries that capture the essence of summer in every bite.

Made in Malaysia: Langit Collective is proud to call Malaysia home. This jam embodies the efforts our ecosystem is contributing to ensuring perfectly good food avoids being wasted.

How to Enjoy:

Experience the taste of summer, all year round, with Langit's Summer Berries Jam. Each jar is a sweet reminder of what nature gifts us. Get ready to elevate your breakfast and dessert game!

Join us in making a difference with every spoonful of Langit's Summer Berries Jam. Order your jar today and experience the Langit difference.

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