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Beras Rumie - Black Rice/黑米 5kg

RM 105.00

Product Description

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Beras Rumie truly ups the fragrance factor a notch emanating a black glutinous rice-like fragrance when cooked. This semi-polished heirloom black rice is nutrient-dense.

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  • Moderate GI between 55-69

  • High in dietary fibre, source of protein, Vitamin D and antioxidants.

  • 56 servings in a 5kg pack.

  • Cooking ratio   : 1 cup water: 1 cup of rice

  • Storage method: Once open, keep refrigerated to maintain quality of rice and avoid weevils.

  • Easy to cook, don’t require soaking



煮熟后的Beras Rumie会散发出淡淡的黑糯米般香气。经过半抛光后,这款黑米富含极高的营养价值。与一般的糙米相比,黑米也富含更多的蛋白质和纤维。


  •  我们大米的升糖指数(Glycemic Index,简称GI)处于55-69之间。

  • 抗氧化剂的良好来源

  • 维生素D的来源, 膳食纤维的来源

  • 重 5 公斤,食用量为 56 份。

  • 煮饭比例:1杯水:1杯米

  • 储存方法:打开后,建议冷藏以保持稻米的质量,避免米虫(蛀虫)。

  • 易于烹煮,无需浸泡

  • 常见问题


The Environment

Langit’s range of Borneo heirloom rice are grown using heirloom seeds (the same seeds that have been inherited for generations) by the Lun Bawang farmers in Long Semadoh Valley, Lawas; Sarawak. Each rice variety has its own unique taste and texture, making them highly discernible from the regular rice in the market. Grown in a cool highland climate (3,000ft above sea level), and nurtured by fertile soil, pristine air and crystal clear springs; the biodiverse environment directly dictates the superior terroir of our rice.


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