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Sweet Black Rice Porridge Recipe

Sweet Black Rice Porridge Recipe

This chic and tasty looking black rice porridge recipe is contributed by our friends from Eat Scintilla"We are Aim and Ahmad, a Melbourne-based collaborative duo with high passion for good food, fine flavours and sustainable lifestyle. We have travelled to different parts of the world, to eat and discover amazing flavours and we are here to share our passion and cooking with you".

It's a perfect meal to make over brunch don't you think? This recipe serves 1.

Here's how it's made:


To cook black rice

100 g Langit’s Beras Rumie (heirloom black rice) 

100 ml Water 

To make black rice porridge

80 ml Coconut cream

60 ml Water

3 tbsp Langit’s Gula Apong

A pinch of salt

200 g Cooked black rice (Beras Rumie)

1 Fresh fig, sliced

20 g Fresh red currants

1 tbsp Crushed pistachios

5g Coconut flakes, toasted

1-2 Kaffir lime leaves, thinly sliced 


  1. In a saucepan, add the coconut cream and water together. Turn on the heat to low and stir gently.

    langit-black-rice-porridge -3.png

  2. Add the gula apong and salt, to taste. Stir until combined. Let it simmer gently.

  3. Then, add the cooked black rice and continue to stir until everything is combined.

  4. Once the porridge starts to boil, stir continuously and immediately remove from the heat. Transfer to a bowl.

  5. Top the black rice porridge with fresh fig and red currants (or any fruits of your choice).
    langit-black-rice-porridge -2.png

  6. Then, finish off with some crushed pistachios, toasted coconut flakes and the sliced kaffir lime leaves. Enjoy!

    langit-black-rice-porridge -4.png


We hope you'll enjoy trying this out!
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